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Policies and Telemedicine Consent

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Medication Prescribing

1. Medications will be prescribed as deemed appropriate by your healthcare provider. The provider determines whether the medication may be lawfully and appropriately prescribed for the medical condition treated through the use of telemedicine medical services.

2. Prior to e-prescribing medications, your prescription history, current medications and allergies will be reviewed and documented in the patient record. It is important that patients disclose all pertinent health history information, allergies and current medications being taken to avoid serious health consequences. 

Telemedicine Consent

Telemedicine services involve the use of secure interactive videoconferencing equipment and devices that enable health care providers to deliver health care services to patients when located at different sites. 

  1. I understand that the same standard of care applies to a telemedicine visit as applies to an in-person visit. 

  2. I understand that I will not be physically in the same room as my health care provider. I will be notified of and my consent obtained for anyone other than my healthcare provider present in the room. 

  3. I understand that there are potential risks to using technology, including service interruptions, interception, and technical difficulties.

    1. If it is determined that the videoconferencing equipment and/or connection is not adequate, I understand that my health care provider or I may discontinue the telemedicine visit and make other arrangements to continue the visit.

  4. I understand that I have the right to refuse to participate or decide to stop participating in a telemedicine visit, and that my refusal will be documented in my medical record. I also understand that my refusal will not affect my right to future care or treatment.

    1. I may revoke my right at any time by contacting Remedy Telehealth at ValerieReap@RemedyTelemed.com.

  5. I understand that the laws that protect privacy and the confidentiality of health care information apply to telemedicine services.

  6. I understand that my health care information may be shared with other individuals for scheduling and billing purposes.

    1. I understand that my insurance carrier will have access to my medical records for quality review/audit.

    2. I understand that I will be responsible for any out-of-pocket costs such as copayments or coinsurances that apply to my telemedicine visit.

    3. I understand that health plan payment policies for telemedicine visits may be different from policies for in-person visits.

  7. I understand that this document will become a part of my medical record.  

By signing this form at the time of service, I attest that I (1) have personally read this form (or had it explained to me) and fully understand  and agree to its contents; (2) have had my questions answered to my satisfaction, and the risks, benefits, and alternatives to telemedicine visits shared with me in a language I understand; and (3) am located in the state of New York and will be in New York during my telemedicine visit(s).

Telemedicine Visit Tips

Telemedicine allows healthcare providers to provide quality medical care for certain conditions to patients at a distance using various technologies. It’s safe, convenient, affordable, and becoming more and more popular. So why not? Follow these tips to help your telemedicine visit go as smoothly as possible.


  • Find a quiet and private space at your location – close doors and windows to high-traffic areas.

  • Remove clutter from the area where you will sit. You want your doctor looking at you, not what’s on your desk or wall.

  • Make sure the area is well-lit. Keep lighting overhead and/or in front of you, rather than behind you. Close blinds and drapes to prevent glares and shadows.


  • Ensure your device has enough charge (or is plugged in).

  • Check your internet signal strength. A connection speed of 384 Kbps is common.

  • Adjust the angle of your camera so you fill as much of the screen as possible.

  • Know how to use your equipment. Have the phone number for tech support close by – just in case.


  • Mute, turn off, or remove possible noisemakers such as your television, cell phone, alarms, or pets.

  • Eliminate echoes.

  • Check for air noises like a fan, AC unit, or open window that may affect the microphone.

  • Make sure the microphone is not blocked.

  • Speak normally – slowly and clearly – in the direction of the camera.


  • Avoid too much movement.

  • Don’t look at your picture on the screen.


  • Have your pharmacy name, location, and number handy.

  • Explore the telemedicine app/plaform to get comfortable with it.

  • Don’t be nervous or afraid to ask questions!